I recently came across a quote on one of my favorite podcasts by Living joyfully “Our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world as being able to remake ourselves”. – Mahatma Gandhi.
This absolutely sings to my heart right now. So much of our everyday life involves decisions by me, that aren’t always comfortable, and aren’t always ones that come naturally. As my children’s learning facilitator it is my role everyday, to look closely at many of the things that I do as a parent, that may be a roadblock to some amazing learning experiences.  Also those things that may erode the connection that I have with my children. Sometimes many of my answers in the past to questions and situations that arose were answers that had been entrenched in me for a long time. Often I was unaware of how much they lacked in authenticity.
In order for me to truly understand the way in which my children learn best, I need to do much work on myself. ‘Remake myself’.
How do i know that I am changing? Easy I see it in my children’s faces, I feel it in our connection that grows deeper.
It is not always easy to look at yourself and make change, it is easier to stay as we are. Admitting that things can be done differently and better is hard. When you do let go of all the no’s, of all the reasons why something can’t be done and realize it can. Saying yes will set you free.
It reminds me of a recent evening with friends. We were all set for a night listening to music outdoors, a night out, something that doesn’t happen often. Well of course it rained didn’t it. Not a sprinkle, we are talking flooding roads type of rain. In a place of the country that is dry almost year round. It bucketed down. So here we are a a gaggle of ladies ready for a night of fun and music and we are stuck under a tent feeling cold. We could have gone home then, we could have said no way. What did we do instead? We danced in the rain, soaked through to our underwear, drenched hair, mascara faces, surrounded by lots of other brave festival goers.

I keep thinking of how many moments like these that pass us by because we are too afraid to say yes. We got soaked and cold, But i wont forget it. I don’t want to be the wall between my kids and these kinds of memories. I want to choose trust instead of fear.

I am so grateful for all the little moments that have happened because I said yes, so many discussions, so many I love you’s and so much wonder and delight, plus and abundance of smiles. A growing understanding of who these people are and not an acceptance of who society wants them to be.

My inner work is still in progress… but

Everyday I vow to say yes more!!!